I enjoy writing. I always have–there is much joy in being able to articulate my thoughts with just the right words–but I usually write for myself. I write in a journal, with a favorite pen, and the slower pace of writing by hand gives me time to refine and redefine my thoughts. There is a ritual in that, as well as a certain amount of comfort and equilibrium. Until that dinner with my friend, I have not felt the need to challenge this equilibrium, nor have I had any interest in sharing my inner world with the rest of the world.

And yet the challenge was compelling. Can I find a voice to share my story without exposing my soul unnecessarily? Will I have an audience? Will someone else appreciate the idea of having a brand of damaged? Will I grow comfortable with the idea of hearing my voice through this medium–no longer in ink on paper but in an unforgiving, real-time, open-to-anyone virtual page?

Conceptually, this blog is about challenging myself in this new medium. Empirically, this blog will likely emerge as a story I wish to tell, the perspectives I hold, and about the ebb and flow of inspiration, desperation, joy, frustration, and ultimately, as a record of relaxing into myself and making friends with my own glorious brand of damaged.

Welcome to my world.