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Most lasting, meaningful connections take time to develop. Friendships can grow slowly (or maybe this has been just my experience), and there may be false starts along the way. You meet someone, you find them interesting, there seems to be a connection and potential… yet circumstances seem to repeatedly get in the way, and at some point you take a hint from the universe and let go. At times you’re lucky enough to get another shot, but oh well. You can’t win them all.

The most meaningful friendships are the ones that deepen and mature with time. Those are with people who let us relax into ourselves. But those same friends will call our bluff, challenge our delusions, reveal our blind spots, tell us when we’re wrong, yet do it in a way that is compassionate and kind. And you can bet that the feeling is mutual.

I have remarkable friends: my parents, former and present bosses, clients, teachers, colleagues, co-conspirators, yoga partners, and some brought into my life by a random bend of a project or an online newsletter. I am fortunate that I can ask them for anything–advice, perspective, a ride home when it’s raining, an honest opinion, a book recommendation, or a much-needed kick in the pants. At times, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for their presence in my life, and I hope that they find value in mine.

 Thank you, my friends! May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.