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We all know how life has a knack of getting in the way. You make a plan the night before and have all intentions of sticking to it, but then wake up with a cold or a migraine or a belly ache, and suddenly find yourself doing anything but.

And that’s just life! So instead of beating yourself up or getting aggravated at whatever had derailed the Plan, let go. Achieving goals has more to do with our flexibility than with our ambition. When we are flexible in our plan, when we have aspirations rather than checklists, we have a chance of actually achieving something.

That’s what I had to remind myself today. I did not get done whatever I thought I’d get done, yet I feel accomplished: I have stayed on my path, just not the way I’d imagined it. By allowing myself to stay flexible, I kept my inspiration close to my heart. By having a compass rather than a map, I am still moving in the right direction, in spite of the obstacles. And this makes for a very good day.

What about you? How is your journey going? Do tell.