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Timer set for 20 minutes. Go!

This one is a bit more challenging, if for no other reason than the sheer length of this week: five working days that felt like ten, emotional highs and lows, and random social events (mostly meals with friends, here and there, all but one conducted rather spontaneously because someone didn’t feel like going to the gym…)

In the past couple of years, I have made many changes in my life, both personal and professional, and there is no end in sight. That’s just life for ya, and I’m OK with it. Right around the time when I feel like I’m getting my groove, circumstances change, a new element comes into play, and I find myself contemplating change yet again. This is what I will be doing this weekend, as I set out for a few days of respite on Nantucket island. While other passengers are corralling their kids, dogs, bags, I will be processing, digesting, making lists in my smartphone. List of reasons; list of people; lists of priorities; lists of thoughts; lists of keywords…

I hope I remember to relax when I get there! Always a challenge, for some reason. Always has been. I think I have mom and dad to thank for that one, as the active minds seem to run in my family.

I travel light, or at least I try. Yet somehow, the small items always end up a large pile. Do I really need all that? And the book? I can’t read on the bus, but there is a bit of time before, plus nearly two hours while I wait for the boat. I always bring a book, and I do read, but on the way back I consistently wonder why I’d brought it. Would it have been so bad to just let myself sit around and people-watch instead?

Maybe this time.