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Twenty minutes, go!

I think of the day. Birds are chirping: many different bird voices coming together in an orchestra of a sorts, the three-dimensional sound hall. Now and again, a bee pipes in, a plane flies overhead. Two birds are having an argument; they chirp at each other and then suddenly stop, as if their disagreement is resolved.

This morning I walked on the beach for a while, and the sounds were different. A foghorn somewhere close by shouting out at regular intervals. The surf, crashing mildly ashore. Not much else–it was early and there were no others on the beach. The rhythmic pulse of the surf made me want to keep walking, and I did for a while, just until I’d remembered that I have to walk back to my bike and then ride.

I picked up a shell along the way. It looked like a small turtle, with an underside shelf that could have housed a being, and had small empty barnacles attached, much like a head. Another shell, this one more like a corkscrew; a skeleton of a shell, really. I wondered how long it had been on the beach, and I will probably never know.

Tomorrow I will go to a different beach–Tom Nevers, maybe? For some reason, it is one of my favorite places for a morning stroll. Later in the day, I like Surfside and Cisco. Something about the waves there; but I think it is still too cold to swim.

But tomorrow, we’ll see.