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Step 1: Go to the fragrance department of an upscale department store. The fancier, the better.

Step 2: Buy new perfume. It needs to be boldly and strikingly different from what you’d usually buy, and completely free from associations (i.e., it should not remind you of a friend, vacation, hopes of a rosy future, or that time you broke up/fell in love/got a new job… you get the idea: this new fragrance cannot smell like “you.”) Be brave. You can do this. Give yourself a good spritz for the road.

Step 3. Wear the new fragrance for at least a week and enjoy a fresh perspective on life.

Why would wearing this new unfamiliar (and possibly uncomfortably disturbing) scent give you a fresh perspective, you might ask? Elementary, my friend. We seek a new perspective when the current one is no working, when we need a different, creative solution, or when we try find options and possibilities that have not occurred to us before. The best way to inspire that process is by introducing an element of novelty (trust me, this is good for your brain!). Finding that new perspective requires getting outside your comfort zone, and what better way to step outside yourself than to become a different person by smelling like a different person? Every time you get a whiff of your new self you, will be brought back to the present moment (“Who is this?”), and the creative wheels will start to turn. You will want to behave and think like someone other than yourself, and voila! before you know it, you’ve come up with an unexpected solution. You are no longer stuck inside yourself.

So go ahead, try this on. You might like it. You might even like yourself better as this new character: braver, more inclined to take some risks, more inspired. And if you don’t, oh well. It’s just a week of your life. At least you tried.