We capsize each other’s lives–sometimes in a very obvious way, and sometimes without really knowing it. I’ve become acutely aware of the moments when I realize that yes, I am leaving a wake–or else I’m caught in someone else’s.

Not much we can do to avoid it. We fade in and out of love, and there is no way of getting around a broken heart and a broken dream. These moments are obvious, and everyone learns to deal with them in their own way.

But there are other moments when you realize that someone rejected you: not out of malice or dislike, but because their life is moving at a different speed and in a different direction; they are simply too busy or stressed or confused by their own existence to contemplate yours. And when you feel that void in your life, the void of friendship that could have been, you sometimes encounter a tide of emotions in yourself that you didn’t know existed. And yet the would-be friend likely has no idea of the turmoil he or she caused in your life.

We have all done it to each other. And the only way out is by taking a really deep breath and surrendering to the forces of your own emotions. Eventually, the waves even out, an on we sail.

Until the next big wave, that is.