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You never know where you lose or where you find.

You look into another’s eyes and suddenly lose yourself–and find a connection you did not expect to find. This is akin to losing your footing and finding yourself in a free fall: it feels surreal, exhilarating, scary, exciting, and completely unfamiliar. As your head spins, you question reality, your own judgment, and wonder if this is all a dream–how will it unfold? and what if you suddenly wake up?

But there are things left behind: music, a book, leftover Thai food in the fridge, a t-shirt, and echoes of remarkable conversations. And the brand of damaged comes full circle, to its own conception: yes, we are all damaged in one way or another. Our shortcomings don’t change–but being aware of them creates change. We are not defined by our faults but by our ability to see them and, when faced with a situation, make a better choice.

I choose to be awake, present, alive, fully in this moment. What a gift!

Thank you, my chance meeting, for helping me refine my words and my brand.