My brand

This blog not a confessional but is rather a stream of consciousness, my contemplation on relationships: with myself, with my words, with my worlds. We always have an opportunity to start over, to redefine our lives, to refocus our efforts on what is important, and to become grounded in the present. What emerges from this is the empirical understanding that “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” (Hamlet, Act 2, scene 2)

I am, in a word, a seeker. I seek ideas; I seek words; I seek meaningful connections; I seek inspiration. I seek to consistently explore the crevasses of my soul, to challenge my idea of “self,” and to distill and reframe my experiences into a life I am proud to live. My story is complex, and I have a choice in which experiences I select to play a role in my definition of self.

Through this blog, I hope to start a dialogue with others prone to self-reflection and contemplation, and who are in the practice of reframing their lives, continuously, to redirect awareness to what is truly important: relaxing into who we are in this very moment, all while remembering not to take ourselves—or any of this—too seriously.

I write / think / read in two languages, and play / run / meditate / practice yoga in Boston.


What do you think?

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